Travel Insurance

Provincial health insurance covers your medical expenses when you are in your home province. But the cost of medical care when you are away from home – even just across the border in a neighbouring province, can be substantial. Even a minor injury or illness can cost thousands of dollars. Don’t take the risk! Buy Travel Medical Insurance today from Canada Protection Plan. We have a variety of plans that will give you peace of mind.

Why choose Canada Protection Plan for Travel Medical Insurance

  • More plan choices ensure we have the right plan for you
  • Our policies cover up to $5 million for Canadian residents.
  • Competitive rates
  • Easy to buy. You have the choice of phoning our call centre or buying direct on the internet
  • Our plans include many valuable benefits including:
    • Hospital confinement and medical services
    • Prescription medication
    • Emergency dental services
    • Emergency transportation
    • Return of Deceased
    • Registered Therapists
    • Meals and accommodation
    • Transportation of family or friend
    • Return of vehicle
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Travel Medical Insurance

Medical care without insurance can cost thousands of dollars for even minor incidents. A major illness or accident can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Prepare yourself for unexpected events that can happen anytime, anywhere. Travel medical insurance covers emergency medical costs for you and your family while you are outside of Canada or just outside your province. Canada Protection Plan offers many options for Travel Medical Insurance, including insurance for Snowbirds, insurance to cover a single trip or vacation and annual multi-trip insurance. We also offer Trip cancellation insurance options.

Visitor to Canada Insurance

Out of country visitors who are not covered by Medicare need insurance to protect against unexpected medical expenses. Canada Protection Plan offers a variety of plans to make sure visitors don’t suffer financially in case of injury or illness. This type of insurance works equally well for visitors to Canada, landed immigrants waiting for their provincial health coverage, international students and for those on a work visa. For more information, or to purchase your Travel Insurance on the Web, click here.
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