The black and white truth about grey matter

March 1, 2019

Grey matter, cerebellum, encephalon. Call it what you want, but have you ever thought about the state of your brain?

Try this: remember blue carrot, purple frog, spotted umbrella, and the number eight. Now store that away for a few minutes while you read on to discover what can happen to your brain as you age. After all, Brain Awareness Week takes place March 11-17, so now is the perfect time to take a deeper look at the body’s most complex organ.

Our brains are destined to be put in the spotlight more and more each year. Why? Because as we age, our brains change. Connections between those areas of the brain that enable us to see “the big picture” by bringing different sources of information together, tend to grow stronger. At the same time, the parts of the brain important to learning and mastering complex mental activities actually shrink, along with the surrounding nerve cells. As the wave of Boomers ages over the next few years, the number of brain-related conditions will undoubtedly rise. And that will mean a lot more research about conditions such as:

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