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Ages 18-80 years can apply.*

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* For Life Insurance, up to age 80 years can apply. Non-residents must have a valid work or study permit. For Critical Illness Insurance, up to age 65 years can apply. Non-residents must have a valid work permit.
Payment Preference
Within the past 12 months, have you used by any means, a substance or product containing tobacco or nicotine (excluding cigars), or have you smoked (including electronic vaporizer or “vaping”) marijuana more than six times per week?[1]
[1] Our best rates may require 24 months of


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Term Life Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

The minimum premium amounts accepted are $15 a month or $150 a year. The minimum coverage is $25,000 on Quick Quote. If you require coverage below this amount, please contact us and a quote will be provided.

If the coverage amount exceeds the maximum coverage allowed, Quick Quote will show the premium at the maximum coverage amount.

Quotes are for our most competitive plan. Your actual premium will be based on the plan selected for which you qualify.
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