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advisor brochure

Advisor Brochures

For Advisor use – this brochure includes product information and the many benefits of partnering with Canada Protection Plan.

Products at a Glance

One page that summarizes Canada Protection Plan’s No Medical & Simplified Issue Life Insurance portfolio including:

  • Product details including age and amount limits
  • No charge benefits
  • Benefits available for an extra premium

No Medical Quick Reference Guide

An overview of medical & non medical conditions and the plans that cover them.

Application for Change to Non-Smoker Rates (Download PDF)

Application for Reduced Paid – UP & Term Conversion (Download PDF)

Application to Add Hospital Cash Rider (Download PDF)

Beneficiary Designation Form (Download PDF)

Child Term Benefit Questionnaire (Download PDF)

Collateral Assignment Application / Release of Assignment (Download PDF)

Ownership Change Form (Download PDF)

PAC Plan Authorization And Agreement Form (Download PDF)

Policy Change Application (Download PDF)

Third Party Determination Questionnaire (Download PDF)

Declaration of Tax Residence

Effective July 1, 2017, Clients with international tax status purchasing a Whole Life Insurance policy with cash value through Canada Protection Plan are required to provide a “Declaration of Tax Residence”.

This is a requirement under Canadian law which obligates financial institutions to provide certain information to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which in turn transfers that information to the applicable international tax agencies. We will not settle applications for Clients with international tax status without the completed Declaration of Tax Residence form.

A “Declaration of Tax Residence” certifies the policy holder’s country of tax residence and includes their TIN(s) and date of birth. Please refer to the below applicable CRA form RC520 – Declaration of Tax Residence for Individuals – Part XIX of the Income Tax Act or RC521 – Declaration of Tax Residence for Entities – Part XIX of the Income Tax Act.

The declaration will also be required for certain inforce policy forms such as conversions and change of owner.

To comply with CRS, we will require the completion of:

We will not settle applications without the completed declaration. This document is only required on Applications dated 10/16. All Applications with 10/17 date do not require this declaration form. 

Please send all executed “Declaration of Tax Residence” forms to Canada Protection Plan Head Office along with the application(10/16) or email us at

Financial institutions cannot provide advice about tax residency to clients. If your Client is unsure about their tax residency status, they should consult a tax advisor.

Sample Policy Contracts

The following sample policy pages are provided for reference only. They may be incomplete and/or may not reflect recent updates. To determine exact terms and conditions for a particular client, please refer to the actual policy issued to that client.

Underwriting Guide

We have developed an Underwriting Guide to help you answer the questions on our application. This guide provides definitions of common medical and non-medical conditions and outlines relevant timeframes, factors and details to help you determine plan eligibility.