My client needed insurance quickly to insure his mortgage. When I did the online application process through Canada Protection Plan, it went smoothly and was very efficient.

Rick M.London, ON

I've been in the industry now for 5 years. There was no flexibility, no solutions for my clients. This left me with no options for clients who were desperate for life insurance but couldn't qualify for traditional rates for one reason or another. Having access to Canada Protection Plan made all the difference in the world. The application process is simple and easy, there's no guessing involved, and the E-app makes the experience enjoyable for my clients!

Matthew A.Toronto, ON

I have been associated with Canada Protection Plan for many years. Recently, a 52 year old man, who has been a client for some time, unfortunately passed away from Cancer. Fortunately, he had a policy with Canada Protection Plan. It wasn't long after completing the paperwork with his wife, that I delivered the 6-figure Claim cheque. The Claims Dept. always comes through for the surviving family members.

Richard F.Windsor, ON

I wrote a policy several years back on a client John N. Unfortunately, he recently passed away. I went to the beneficiary’s house to meet and complete the appropriate papers. Then the next day took all documentation into your head office. I was told it would take about 2 weeks to process. Last week I delivered the death claim cheque to the beneficiary. She was so pleased as she had to pay the funeral home by end of the month so we were well in advance of that deadline. The customer service from all involved was outstanding.

Joel C.Toronto, ON

Canada Protection Plan’s application is the easiest, most pain-free life insurance application I've ever completed. Policies are approved and issued within days. Canada Protection Plan is my first choice for any clients that have had difficulty obtaining life insurance coverage with a traditional insurer.

Keray S.Victoria, BC

I recently sold a policy to a 77-year-old client. Unfortunately, he passed away from a stroke. His spouse was concerned that the company would not pay out the claim since they had only paid 4 months into it. After a few months of claims adjudication, I was able to deliver the cheque to his widow. She was extremely grateful and relieved that Canada Protection Plan stood behind their policy and paid the claim.

Shirley J.Windsor, ON

I was able to offer a young client of mine who had a medical condition which might have got her rejected by other carriers a coverage through Canada Protection Plan. I used their E-application, it was a breeze and the questions extremely easy to reply rather than being vague. It was an excellent experience. Thank you.

Shiromi W.Vancouver, BC

I was able to put proper protection on someone who had been turned down by three different insurance agents in the last five years, due his medical history. He had given up on looking for insurance, until he met me. When I met his family, they got a huge sense of relief by knowing that finally they would be covered, in case something happened to him.
Thank you, Canada Protection Plan, for making a huge difference in helping families!

Jose Z.Calgary, AB

Thank you, Canada Protection Plan, for giving coverage to those are difficult to insure. This was the easiest and most seamless e-application I have ever done. I am impressed. Thank you

Nomsa M.Edmonton, AB

I wrote this policy because I knew it's the best policy/plan for my client. I did review the other providers for the same requirements of the insured, and there was no available identical coverage and premiums rates that compare to Canada Protection Plan. I suggested to the insured that Canada Protection Plan is the best for his personal life insurance needs.

Jose M.Mississauga, ON

Love the e-Application. I'm in Vancouver. Client is in Edmonton, Yes, I am licensed in AB. Connected via video conferencing in order for me to share screen and verify photo ID. I was impressed! Client was impressed! 32 minutes from start to finish. #APPROVED

Tim D.White Rock, BC

I had an unfortunate situation recently. Client passed away and his Canada Protection Plan policy had only been in force for less than 2 months. I expected a long and difficult process to get the claim adjudicated. However, it turned out to be extremely quick and efficient. The claims adjudicator provided me with regular updates and was always available to take or return my phone calls. Thank you everyone at Canada Protection Plan.

Michael P.Fredericton, NB

Fast, effective, simple to use. The perfect online app especially during COVID-19 social distancing circumstances.

Tim D.White Rock, BC

My Client appreciated the Critical Illness coverage from Canada Protection Plan with its straight & simple Application. No medicals, no fluids. It took not more than 15 minutes to complete the Application.

Ihab Y.Hamilton, ON

I have worked with Canada Protection Plan for quite some time, and have always been very pleased with their Life Insurance products, pricing and application process. My clients have been as well. I was excited for the unveiling of their new Critical Illness Insurance. Both me and my clients were surprised at how easy and efficient the eAccess application process is. It took roughly 20 minutes to complete and submit the app, everything can be done online.

Gavin K.Newmarket, ON

Canada Protection Plan has the most user-friendly life insurance applications in the industry, I just love how answering the questions on the application makes it so easy to find the proper plan. I commend Canada Protection Plan for developing, not only a no-medical critical illness plan, but for developing a plan that will cover someone who's had cancer but can be covered for heart conditions and visa versa. This is a first in the industry and is definitely a game changer.

Tom V.Barrie, ON

Such a relief to be able to help a client who had no other options. This product makes a difference in peoples lives. REAL people, with real families and real needs. Thank you!

Calvin W.Langley, BC

First time doing an application online through Canada Protection Plan. The entire process was seamless and so easy to go through with the client. Great job. The client was so impressed with how quickly and efficiently we were able to move through the process. Thank you.

Ravella W.Barrie, ON

My brother in law beat stage 4 Lymphoma last summer and had no coverage at the time. He is a 44 and has a wife and 2 children. A couple weeks ago he asked, “I’ll never qualify for any disability or critical illness ever again, will I?” The following week, the new Critical Illness Insurance products were released by Canada Protection Plan and we got him Cardiac Protect CI for $50,000 with $50,000 Accidental Death and ROPD for just $462/year. Amazing!

Susan P.Edmonton, AB

Having Canada Protection Plan as an option for our clients is indispensable!
During COVID19, Canada Protection Plan was the only place I could turn to offer Life Insurance for my client
who had been postponed because labs were not collecting blood/meds during this time. The client wanted to have coverage today, not wait until the pandemic was over. Because of Canada Protection Plan, the client was offered coverage on the spot - and even faster then ever with EApp.

Sharon V.Calgary, AB

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