Canada Protection Plan offers an array of simplified issue and underwritten products to suit your clients’ life insurance needs

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Underwriting Guides

We strongly believe that the best way to ensure that your client answers the questions on our application correctly and receives the right policy is by asking very specific and clear questions. We avoid general or vague questions that might confuse your client.

We have developed an Underwriting Guide to help you answer the questions on our application. This guide provides definitions of common medical and non-medical conditions and outlines relevant timeframes, factors and details to help you determine plan eligibility.

What if you aren’t sure about a specific question? Your client might wonder:

  • Is a heart attack the same as congestive heart failure?
  • Is the basal cell carcinoma they had removed last year considered cancer?
  • What plan(s) are they eligible for if they suffered from a stroke 4 years ago?

If your client’s medical condition is more complicated, or you just want underwriting advice, please contact our underwriting team.

You have direct access to our underwriters from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 6 pm ET.

877-796-9090 – press 4

Underwriting Q&A

If Previously Declined

My client has recently been declined by another life insurance company, are they eligible for a Canada Protection Plan policy?
Our application does not ask if a client has been declined, rated or postponed.

Underwriting Exceptions

Are underwriting exceptions made? How flexible can you be?
The benefit of having access to underwriters is that we are able to be flexible in some circumstances.

Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis and must be confirmed in writing by underwriting. The Advisor includes the written confirmation with their application to ensure a smooth New Business process.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

My client has a certain medical condition or history. Are they eligible for coverage? What plan or plans can they apply for?
The most frequent questions to underwriting revolve around client eligibility given a particular medical condition.


What counts as treatment? Is preventative medication considered to be treatment?
Our application questions ask about time of diagnosis and treatment. There are a few specific exceptions for treatments that have been deemed preventative. Hormone replacement therapy after cancer treatment, or daily aspirin after a heart attack are both examples of medications that a client may be taking that do not count as “treatment” for the purposes of our questions.

Direct contact with an underwriter is the simplest way to establish whether or not a medication counts as treatment.


What counts as hospitalization?
Hospitalization for the purposes of our application is an overnight stay (unless the person has had to remain in ER, waiting for tests) or formal admission into a hospital.


Is marijuana considered to be a narcotic?
Marijuana is NOT a narcotic. If your client smokes marijuana more than 6 times per week, then smoker rates apply. Otherwise, oral ingestion of marijuana and smoking marijuana up to 6 times per week are eligible for non-smoker rates. This applies for all plans except for Preferred Elite.

Hazardous Hobby/Sports

What counts as a hazardous sport?
Some common hazardous sports include skydiving, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, automobile and motorcycle racing, and scuba diving. These are determined on a case-by-case basis by underwriting. Please contact us.

Criminal Records

Does Canada Protection Plan offer coverage to people with criminal records?
Eligibility is subject to the application questions. Duration of time since offence, as well as pending charges, sentencing, conviction, incarceration, and probation details are all taken into consideration. Please refer to the application and contact us with any questions.

Canadian Residency

How is Canadian residency defined?
Applicants must be Canadian Citizens or Landed Immigrants. Applicants with a valid work or study permit will be considered for coverage up to a maximum of $250,000.


How do you know which countries are dangerous to travel to?
Any planned travel in the next 12 months that is less than 12 consecutive weeks is eligible for all plans except Preferred Elite. In circumstances that exceed 12 consecutive weeks, please consult underwriting.


Are Canada Protection Plan applications subject to MIB?
Canada Protection Plan applications are subject to MIB search and reporting.

Underwriting for Preferred Applications

How does Canada Protection Plan underwrite for Preferred and Preferred Elite plans?
When you apply for Preferred and Preferred Elite plans, in addition to the usual simplified questions, depending on your client’s age and the amount of insurance requested, you may have to arrange for limited medical requirements, such as paramedical, blood and urine tests. All information relevant to the risk assessment of your client, including the application answers, the MIB report, and any age and amount requirements are referred to our Underwriting department for assessment. They will determine if your client is eligible for Preferred or Preferred Elite, and if not, which plan they are eligible for.

Preferred and Preferred Elite Age and Amount Requirements are as follows:

(Includes both base plan and term riders)

Issue Age (Age Nearest)
18 – 70 71 – 80
$50,001 to $500,000 NM PM + BCP
$500,001 – $1,000,000 PM + BCP PM + BCP

Preferred Elite
(Includes both base plan and term riders)

Issue Age (Age Nearest)
18 – 70 71 – 80
$500,000 to $1,000,000 PM + BCP PM + BCP

NM: Non-Medical | PM: Paramedical | BCP: Blood Chemical Profile

Approved Paramedical firms:

  • ExamOne
  • Hooper Holmes/Portamedic
  • MedAxio
  • Quality Underwriting Services (QUS)
  • Watermak