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Our goal is to provide superior service to our Advisors and Policyholders

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At Canada Protection Plan, we not only design and market our No Medical and Simplified Issue Life and Critical Illness insurance products, we also provide the administrative support for what we sell, from issuing policies to paying claims.

Do you have a question? Not sure about a policy status? Maybe you want to change a premium option? Contact us and we will be happy to help. Our Customer Service area is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm EST and can be reached by:



Canada Protection Plan
Customer Service
250 Ferrand Drive,
Suite 1100
Toronto, ON M3C 3G8

Policy Claims

Our goal is to make claims payment as fast and simple as possible. As soon as we are notified of a policy claim, we will stop policy billing and send out the appropriate forms. Our standard requirements for processing a claim include:
  • A Claimant’s Statement from each beneficiary (included in the package sent)
  • The original policy (if available)
  • An original or notarized copy of either the Provincial Death Certificate or Funeral Director’s Certificate of Death
  • Proof of the Insured’s age (a photocopy of government issued ID will suffice)

Common Policy Changes


Address change: must be completed by the policy owner by phone, fax or email.


Beneficiary change: must be requested on the attached BENEFICIARY CHANGE form. The form must be fully completed, signed and dated by the policy owner and witnessed by a disinterested third party. Be careful to ensure that 100% of the death benefit is allocated among all beneficiaries. The form allows the policy owner to name a contingent beneficiary, as well as, a trustee for a minor beneficiary.


Pre-Authorized Payment change: a change from regular billing to pre-authorized payments, or a change of payor under a PAC plan, must be requested on a PAC PLAN AUTHORIZATION AND AGREEMENT form. A change of banking information, where the payor stays the same, can be submitted on the PAC PLAN AUTHORIZATION AND AGREEMENT or the payor may phone our Customer Service department for assistance. Note that we require a minimum of 2 business days to suspend billing under a PAC plan. We currently do not accept online payments.


Ownership change: must be requested on the attached OWNERSHIP CHANGE form. This applies to both absolute and collateral ownership changes. Signatures of both the former owner and the new owner must be witnessed by a disinterested third party. For absolute ownership changes, the new owner may change the beneficiary. There is no requirement to change the beneficiary, however, and without a change, the existing beneficiary will continue in place.


Face Amount change: policy face amounts may be reduced, subject to plan minimums. Face amount increases are not allowed. Should a policy owner wish additional coverage, a new application for the additional amount, subject to plan minimums and maximums, must be submitted.