Health Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance, Hospital Cash Insurance and Health and Dental Insurance can shelter your family from sudden large expenditures. You can’t know when an injury or illness might strike. Be prepared, with a Health Insurance policy from Canada Protection Plan.

Why choose Canada Protection Plan for Health Insurance

  • A variety of plans ensures we have the right plan for you
  • Competitive rates
  • Easy to buy. You have the choice of phoning our call centre or buying direct on the internet
  • Our plans include many valuable benefits including:
    • Prescription drugs
    • Dental services
    • Vision care
    • Hospital benefits
    • Registered Massage Therapist
    • Hearing aids
    • Ambulance services
    • Home care and nursing
    • Custom made orthotics
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Critical Illness Insurance

Designed to pay you tax-free cash benefits if you are diagnosed with a specified covered illness, including heart attack, cancer and stroke. We offer three different plans including a No Medical plan. Read more>>

Hospital Cash Benefit

This No Medical plan gives you tax-free payments if you are hospitalized for more than 24 hours. Read more>>

Health Insurance and Dental Insurance

Protect yourself from medical expenses not covered by provincial health insurance. We have many choices to cover prescription drugs, dental care and so much more. Read more>>
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