Critical Illness Insurance

A living benefit that provides a lump-sum you can spend on anything you want if you are diagnosed with a specified covered illness

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Critical Illness policies provide lump-sum payments that can be used to cover many costs related to illness — including medical care, travel expenses or wages of a family member leaving work to help. Like Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance can be an important element in your financial plan. By paying you cash benefits when you are diagnosed with a listed, life threatening illness, it gives you time and maybe a few more options in how you will respond.

Why choose Canada Protection Plan for Critical Illness Insurance?

  • Three plan choices ensure we have the right plan for you
  • One No Medical plan is available – ideal for a senior looking for Critical Illness Insurance
  • Competitive rates
  • Easy to buy. Call for a no-obligation quote at 1-877-851-9090

Canada Protection Plan offers three different Critical Illness plans made available through Foresters Life Insurance Company:

Health Security Plus

Health Security Plus is a No Medical Critical Illness Insurance Plan – no doctors, no needles and no medical reports. Just a few simple questions and your policy can be issued within days.

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LifeCare T10

LifeCare T10 is traditional Critical Illness plan that covers 21 major health conditions. This plan provides coverage for 10 year term periods, and is renewable until age 75.

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LifeCare T75

LifeCare T75 is also a traditional Critical Illness plan that covers 21 major heath conditions. This plan provides coverage with the same premium until your age 75.

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