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For your convenience, Canada Protection Plan provides you with our most commonly requested forms

Contract Change

If you want to make a contractual change on your existing Life Insurance policy—reduce coverage, add or remove an Accidental Death Rider or Child Term Benefit, or Hospital Cash Benefit.

Beneficiary Change

If you want to change the beneficiary on your existing Life Insurance policy.

Owner Change

If you want to change the owner on your existing Life Insurance policy.

Pay Premiums

If you want to pay premiums on your existing Life Insurance policy using our pre-authorized cheque plan.

Completed, signed, witnessed and dated forms can be sent to Foresters via…

P.O. Box 41511, Stn Brm B,
1100‑250 Ferrand Drive, Toronto,
ON M7Y 7E1

If you have any questions, please contact your Advisor or call us toll free at 1-877-629-9090 or mail customerservice@cpp.ca

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