Life Insurance for Seniors

Are you a Senior or over the age of 50? Get an affordable, easy to apply for life insurance plan.


Cover outstanding debts and expenses and leave a legacy with a life insurance plan. The benefit paid out is tax-free.

Get up to $500,000 in coverage for No Medical or up to $1 million on all other plans.

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Over 50 Life Insurance

For some, age is just a number, but the fact of the matter is, that as we age, our needs for life insurance also change, and health conditions tend to creep up as one gets older. The good news is that senior’s life insurance has evolved over the years and has better plans today that cater to those over 50. It is now easier for you to get coverage that suits your needs, financial situation and even your health condition. Are you afraid that your health condition may mean difficulty getting life insurance and/or have been denied coverage in the past? Don’t be. Our range of cost-effective senior’s life insurance plans can meet your needs.

Benefits of Life Insurance for Seniors in Canada

Below are a few of the many advantages to adding a life insurance policy to your financial plan as a senior:

Cover Outstanding Expenses
Prevent your outstanding debts, such as mortgage, rent, credit card bills, or unpaid loans from being passed on to family members.

Pay for Final Expenses
The cost of a funeral can be extensive – protect your family from being burdened with this cost in their time of grief.

Help Provide for Loved Ones
Even if your family members are no longer dependent upon your income, you can still help lessen their financial stresses, such as contributing to your grandchild’s school tuition.

Contribute to a Cause You Care About
Leave a gift to a charitable cause, so that your values live on.

As a trusted leader in the No Medical and Simplified Issue Life Insurance industry, our goal is to offer you compassionate service and affordable life insurance solutions. We are experts in helping those over the age of 50 get covered. Most of our plans are No Medical, which means no needles or medical exams are required. We make it simple and straightforward, and you can be covered within days.

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Additional information on Life Insurance for Seniors

How Much Life Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

In just three easy steps, our Insurance Calculator can help determine how much coverage you need to protect your loved ones in the event of your death.

Regardless of your health, applying for life insurance after the age of 50 can be quick and easy. With a selection of life insurance plans specifically catered to the needs of seniors, you can find a best-fit plan that protects the future and the needs of your family.

Planning ahead and purchasing a life insurance policy is one of the most thoughtful and generous gifts that you can provide to your loved ones.

Can I Get Guaranteed Approval Under a Senior Life Insurance Policy?

Yes, life insurance for seniors in Canada can be guaranteed through plans like Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance. It is a policy that ensures coverage without requiring a medical exam or health questions.

This senior’s life insurance is designed for individuals who might not qualify for traditional insurance due to age or health issues. It guarantees acceptance, offering a way to secure financial peace of mind for beneficiaries, covering final expenses, or leaving a legacy with set premiums and benefits that do not decrease over time.

Canada Protection Plan provides a straightforward pathway to securing Canadian life insurance for seniors with pre-existing conditions or who have faced difficulties obtaining insurance elsewhere. Seniors can benefit from the simplicity of the application process, the fixed premiums, and the assurance that their beneficiaries will receive financial support, regardless of health issues, making it an essential safety net for many.

How Much Insurance Can I Purchase? What is Included in the Policy?

For seniors aged 61-75, Senior Life Insurance allows the purchase of policies with coverage ranging from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $50,000. Senior’s life insurance benefits include:

Accidental Death Benefit (Optional)
This add-on multiplies the basic coverage amount in case of death due to an accident, offering additional financial protection.

Terminal Illness Benefit (Included)
The Terminal Illness Benefit offers up to 75% of your death benefit early, up to $250,000, if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. This provides essential financial support when it’s most needed, helping to cover end-of-life expenses and easing the financial strain during a critical period.

Transportation Benefit (Included)
The Transportation Benefit helps with the expenses of moving the insured’s remains over 200 kilometres from their home, easing family stress during tough times. This support highlights the policy’s commitment to easing both expected and unexpected challenges, providing comfort to seniors and their loved ones.

What Happens If the Insured Passes Away Within the First Two Years?

If the insured dies from natural causes within the first two years, the insurer only returns the premiums paid instead of paying out the full death benefit. This clause helps manage the risk of covering individuals without a health screening, ensuring the policy remains viable for the insurer while still offering some benefit to the policyholder’s beneficiaries in those early years.

Can I Change My Mind After Purchasing Canadian Life Insurance for Seniors?

Canada Protection Pla provides a 10-day Free Look Guarantee for all its policies. This feature allows you to thoroughly review your new insurance policy for ten days after receiving it. During this period, if you decide the policy doesn’t meet your needs, you can return it and receive a full refund of any premiums paid, no questions asked. This guarantee ensures you can make a confident decision about your insurance coverage without any financial risk.

Does a Senior’s Life Insurance Have Cash Value, and How Does It Benefit Me?

Cash value in a Senior Life Insurance policy is like a savings component that grows over time, separate from the death benefit. This means your senior’s life insurance policy not only provides financial protection to beneficiaries but also accumulates value they can use in various ways, such as paying premiums or as a cash resource upon cancellation. This feature adds a layer of financial flexibility and security, offering more than just a death benefit. Starting from the fifth year, your policy builds guaranteed cash value, which you can use to cover your premiums as long as the accumulated amount is sufficient. If you decide to cancel your Senior Life Insurance, any cash value that’s left will be returned to you. This provides a financial safety net, allowing you to potentially use your policy’s value to keep it active without further out-of-pocket expenses or to receive a payout if you cancel.

Canada Protection Plan stands out as a leading provider of life insurance for seniors in Canada, offering guaranteed acceptance and peace of mind without the need for medical exams. With flexible options that cater to various needs and circumstances, it ensures seniors can secure their legacy and provide for their loved ones with ease. This commitment to accessibility and coverage underscores the plan’s role in supporting seniors through their later years.

Apply now for a no-obligation quote for life insurance for seniors over 50, and protect the financial future of your loved ones today.


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