I wrote a policy in 2012 on a client John D …. Unfortunately he recently passed away. I went to the beneficiary’s house to meet and complete the appropriate papers. Then the next day personally took all documentation into your head office. I met with a supervisor whose name escapes me now. I was told it would take about 2 weeks to process and I am pleased to say last Thursday I delivered the death claim cheque to the beneficiary. She was so pleased as she had to pay the funeral home by end of the month so we were well in advance of that deadline

I must say the customer service from all involved was outstanding. I am comforted by this experience and when I sell a Canada Protection Plan product I can tell them this story with no hesitation.

Joel C.Toronto, ON

I have been associated with Canada Protection Plan for many years. Recently, a 52 year old man, who has been a client for some time, unfortunately passed away from Cancer. Fortunately, he had a policy with Canada Protection Plan. It wasn't long after completing the paperwork with his wife, that I delivered The 6-figure Claim cheque. I have had many Death Claims with Canada Protection Plan, and The Claims Dept. always comes through for The Surviving Family Members. The Bottom Line is... that is What We Do!

And it is good to know that when we submit a New Application, that if/when there is a Claim, it will be handled and settled in a timely manner.

Richard F.Windsor, ON

I just did my first application and it was a good experience. E-access is very easy to use and quick. The application was approved within 24 hours. I also have a happy customer as she now has peace of mind that she has some insurance.

Pat P.Red Deer, AB (Advisor)

My client had a history of cancer and would not be looked at for Life Insurance at any other companies. Canada Protection Plan was able to offer Simplified Elite coverage - giving him peace of mind.

Matt P.Edmonton, AB (Advisor)

Canada Protection Plan is the perfect option for those who would otherwise have ratings with other carriers. The affordable rider for children is a perfect fit for parents. I find the application to be very intuitive and easy to navigate.
Thank you Canada Protection Plan!

Victoria C.Toronto, ON

My client was so impressed with the technology and convenience of applying by E-app. It is easier and faster to submit an app. And dealing with Underwriting was quick, the whole process went so smooth.

Manishkumar P.Brampton, ON (Advisor)

Canada Protection Plan has helped me with clients whom have been denied elsewhere. They gave up trying to protect their families if the worst case scenario were to occur. I have been able to give them peace of mind, knowing they are now protected. THANK YOU CANADA PROTECTION PLAN.

Tyler R.Winnipeg, MB (Advisor)


We greatly value and take to heart the trust placed with Canada Protection Plan in providing you with your life insurance needs. One of the best ways to continually improve our service and products is to hear from you on how we are doing.

We provide life insurance regardless of one’s health. If you are hard to insure, new to the country with a valid work or study permit, have a high risk occupation, into extreme sports or, are simply looking for a fast and convenient process – you can be covered.

We’d love to hear your story and experience with us. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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