The Benefits of Exercise: Strength & Smarts

By October 24, 2012 March 23rd, 2021 Blog, Consumer
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You already know that as a country, we’re not getting enough exercise.  Canadian adults are failing to make time to be active – and we’re passing our bad habits along to our kids.  Their lack of exercise is leading to skyrocketing obesity rates and poor health, including childhood diabetes.  As adults, we’re not fairing much better.

There are plenty of reasons to get regular exercise, and they’re not just physical.

A recent article in Fast Company shows the value of activity in helping both body and mind.  In kids and adults, just 40 minutes of daily exercise had a positive effect on memory and learning.  Students who participated in regular physical activity scored better on tests, and were more likely to pursue post-secondary education when compared to their inactive peers.  Similarly, the study found adults who work out frequently were more efficient employees than those who fail to make it to the gym.  Of course, motivating yourself to exercise is often the most challenging part of a work out routine.  Here are a few ways to discover your internal drive:

Set Realistic Goals

When you first start working out, it’s important to find an exercise routine that matches your fitness level.  Nothing can sideline your regular workouts quicker than trying to complete a program that’s much too intense.  If it’s been a while since you’ve hit the gym, aim to move for 40 minutes a day and slowly increase the speed and power of your movements as you get comfortable with the exercises.

 Stay Regular

It’s important to try and get some exercise every day, so make time in your schedule and stick to it.  Whether you work out in the morning, or stop in at the gym on your way home from work, you need to get your body into a routine.  While that can be hard at first, after a few weeks your body will start craving activity.

 Have Fun

Working out doesn’t have to be a chore.  Find a walking buddy, join a recreational sports league or even spend an afternoon working in the garden.  Make exercise fun by doing it with friends and family, or participating in a sport or activity that you enjoy.

Regular exercise has a positive effect on your mind and body.  What do you do to stay in shape?  Share your tips in the comments below.

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