Final expenses (to pay for funeral, taxes, etc. ($5,000–$20,000) Read more >> $
Mortgage (to pay off the outstanding balance) Read more >> $
Personal loans (to pay off loans, credit cards, etc.) Read more >> $
Emergency funds (3-6 months’ salary) Read more >> $
Children’s education fund ($10,000-$25,000 per year, per child) Read more >> $
Monthly income to take care of your family Read more >> $
For how many years? Read more >> yrs
Savings (savings and investment accounts, TFSAs, etc.) Read more >> $
Other assets (property, business, vehicles, etc.) Read more >> $
Existing life insurance (including group plans, individual policies) Read more >> $
Total Cash Needs $ 0.00
ADD: Income Replacement Needs + $ 0.00
SUBTRACT: Assets and Insurance $ 0.00
EQUALS: Shortage/Surplus = $ 0.00
If your analysis indicates a shortage, life insurance may be the ideal solution to address it. Call one of our Licensed Insurance Advisors at 1-877-851-9090 or speak to your own insurance advisor. They will provide you with the life insurance options which best suits your situation and budget.


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